Earth Free Environmental Consultancy



Environmental Awareness and Training
Environmental Impact Assessments (Scoping and EIR & Basic EIA
Integrated Waste Management Plans (IWMP’s)
Environmental Construction Monitoring Provide on-site qualified and competent personnel to fulfil roles including:
Environmental Control Officers (ECO): Compliance monitoring and reporting
Environmental Managers (EM): Strategic management of project environmental components
Environmental Officers (EO): Implementation of project environmental specifications
Senior Environmental Consultants: High-level consulting on strategic, logistical, interpretational, communications and reporting issues
Site Officers and Liaison Officers
Due Diligence and compliance audits
Mining Permit applications (Borrow-pits and quarries)
Waste Applications & Licensing
Environmental Feasibility studies
Strategic Environmental Assessments
Development, implementation and review of ISO 14001: Environmental Management Systems (EMS)
ISO 14001: Performan
Identification and development of environmental legal registers.
Heritage Services
Heritage Impact Assessments (HIA)
Grave identification and relocation
Archaeological and paleontological studies, assessments and relocation
Visual Impact Assessments
Project Management Services